The main trends and perspectives of pork production development in the world

Keywords: pork, production, export, import, price, market.


The pig breeding behaves to the most more widespread directions of stock-raising in the world, which forms considerable part in balance of meat and meat products in many countries. The level of pork production and industry development volumes on the whole substantially influences on world food security. In the article the presented results of research are in relation to consisting and basic tendencies of pork production in the world and in the separate countries where the pig breeding is most developed. Conducted analysis of hog herds dynamics production and pork volumes in the world, and also basic factors which substantially influenced on development of the pig breeding for probed period are set. Certainly structural influence of most producers of pork is in the world on the indexes of industry development. Investigational the stance of pork production, and also conducted analysis of standard purchase prices, is on pigs in different countries in the world. Presented information in relation to the structure of pork export and import in the world and in the separate countries which most influence on pork market development. Positions and influence of Ukraine are appraised at the international market of pork. The basic prospects of pork production development are set and grounded in the world and in the separate countries, in particular in Ukraine. The production of pork in the world during 2017–2019 years decrease on 8.1 %, and the pigs herd dynamic diminished on 13 %. A sharp downstream of pork herd is in the world connected with spread of dangerous infectious diseases of zoon’s, which the African swine fewer, which resulted in considerable reduction of herd and meat production particular in China on which was nearly 40 % in world production. However, compensated a downstream in countries South-East Asia in a greater measure of industry development of the pig breeding in the USA, Brazil and EU, which behave to the basic exporters of pork in the world, which is form about 85 % of global products export. One with positive factors, which in the future will assist the pig breeding development in the world there is gradual growth of pork production and consumption in the developing countries, where an increase of herd, and also increase the technological efficiency of swine growing. The considerable not realized potential of the pig breeding industry in many countries, in particular in Ukraine, which is one of most in the world producers and exporters of feed crops, necessary for industry development.


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