Consisting and prospects of self-sufficiency level increase of the main livestock products in Ukraine

Keywords: livestock, food security, production, export, import, fund of consumption


The state food security near-term depends on the balanced development of agriculture on the whole and separate directions of agrarian business, which produce raw material and prepared food for providing necessities of internal market consumption. The agri-food subcomplex of Ukraine is characterized strengthening disadvantages between a plant-grower and livestock. More resources particular branch are concentrated on the production of agricultural cultures of feed and technical value, considerable volume of which Ukraine export for the necessities of other countries, forgetting about needs and possibilities of domestic AIC. In the article conducted analysis of self-sufficiency level on the basic types of livestock products in Ukraine that taking into account influence on forming of national food security. A statement of meat and meat products analysis is conducted after basic kinds, eggs, milk and dairy products in Ukraine during 2018–2019 years. Certainly level of self-sufficiency on the basic livestock   products in Ukraine, and also taking into account the rational norms of consumption. It is set as a result of research, that the greatest level of self-sufficiency of the poultry farming products, namely by poultry meat and eggs – 126 %. A production of pig meat volume in Ukraine does not provide the annual fund of consumption, which is compensated thorough import in a volume over 100 thousand ton during 2019 year. Level of self-sufficiency and other types of meat pork, does not exceed 88 %. Deepening of the crisis phenomena is observed in the cattle breeding which is characterized rapid reduction of cows, in particular in the households through low purchase prices on milk and difficult social and demographic processes. Although a production of milk, beef and veal, volume in Ukraine answers the necessities of internal market development, however through annual reduction of cows head in a long-term prospect there will be a deficit of the cattle breeding products, which will be provided through import deliveries that negatively will influence on the state food security. With the purpose of strengthening  the food security in Ukraine it is necessary to inculcate the system of measures financial, organizational, economic and technological direction.


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