Formation of the product portfolio of the enterprise

  • N. Voytovych Stepan Gzhytskyi National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies, Lviv, Ukraine
  • A. Bulavinets Stepan Gzhytskyi National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies, Lviv, Ukraine
Keywords: product portfolio of the enterprise, marketing strategy, product range


Management decisions on the formation of the product portfolio are traditionally in the field of research of scientists as the relevance questions of the choice of strategic goals of the enterprise involves the justification of marketing and production decisions in optimizing the structure of the product range. The formation of the product portfolio involves certain management actions to work with a particular product (its development, withdrawal or modification) or range of products, taking into account changes in the structure of the portfolio of the enterprise. Today’s market situation creates new requirements for existing approaches to product development; at the same time such efforts must directly take into account the aggregate market and business requirements for reduced lead time, reliable product performance and cost-effective product differentiation. In general, one way to meet the increased demand for product development speed and productivity is to identify multidisciplinary synergies that can be used to increase system efficiency. The main principles that were singled out allow to develop a practical system for decision support which will allow effectively form the product portfolio of the enterprise and develop optimal characteristics of the product and its product range group. The methodology of decision support is based on interdisciplinary integration, which is formed by using the main relationships between optimization and modelling of a product or group of products as well as aspects of product portfolio management. Scientific and methodological approaches in the formation of the company's portfolio were substantiated which allows to determine the optimal ratio between the range of products and product units that are part of them. The LLC “Khodoriv Meat Packing Factory” is one of the leading producers of meat products in Ukraine. Product range was analysed and the method of quantitative evaluation of goods indicators is proposed to factory. The system approach to formation of an optimum commodity portfolio of the enterprise is considered. The analysed of the assortment group of goods and the assessment of the product portfolio of the enterprise by the method of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Positioning of strategic business units was carried out. The desired assortment group of goods was selected, which will help the company to achieve its goals. The basic marketing strategies are offered.


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Voitovych, N. V., & Bulavinets, A. Ia. (2019). Modeliu-vannia tovarnoho portfelia yak chynnyk pidvyshchennia ekonomichnoi efektyvnosti pidpryiemstva. Almanakh nauky, 2/1(23), 8–13. URL: (data zvernennia 10.10.2021) (in Ukrainian).

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