Problems of socio-economic development and ways to improve it for rural areas in Lviv region

Keywords: rural areas, socio-economic development, economic efficiency, profitability, diversification


For a long time the issue of socio-economic development of rural areas, which have their characteristics, has not lost its relevance but also is united by common unsolvable problems that restrict their development in Ukraine. The socio-economic decline of the village can not only reduce economic performance in agriculture but will also have a negative impact on depopulation, environmental deterioration, reduce the efficiency of natural resources, as well as the destruction of the cultural environment. The article presents the results of a study of the socio-economic situation in rural areas, analysis of economic and environmental indicators of the use of agricultural resources in the production of crop and livestock products in villages by different categories of producers. The publication provides information on the profitability of production in agricultural formations from 2010 to 2020. It has been established that the reason for the lack of growth in production in households is the irrational and economically unjustified use of resources and the lack of modern technologies. The publication also reveals the trends in the production output of livestock and crop production by different categories of producers. The indicators of production profitability were analyzed by agricultural enterprises during 2010-2020. The ways and means of improving the situation of using the natural resources by private agricultural enterprises, increasing economic indicators in the rural sector, and increasing production in agricultural enterprises are given. The results of the previous research show the possibilities and prospects for the implementation of the economic potential of rural areas based on the efficient and economically structured governance on the given territories. In addition, in modern realities, there may be an inflow to the mainstream of the investment climate due to the process of decentralization of the local government, receiving investment in the community, and, the increasing of the economy as a result. The research has shown that the development of social and economic infrastructure depends on investment activity.


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