Development of meat-containing semi-smoked sausages with Muscovy duck meat and white carp

Keywords: Muscovy duck meat, white carp, meat-containing semi-smoked sausages, recipes, functional and techno-logical properties


The article is devoted to the substantiation of expediency of combining white carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) with Muscovy duck meat (Cairina moschata), grown in farms of the Sumy region. The recipes of meat-containing minced sausage systems for the production of meat-containing semi-smoked sausages have been developed. A complex of research of nutritional value and functional and technological indices of perfume systems and finished products was carried out. It was shown that the protein content in samples of meat- containing semi-smoked sausages increased by 4.00–5.16% and amounted to 16.75–16.93 g/100 g. The fat content of the developed samples of meat-containing semi-smoked sausages decreased for 41.40–50.92%. The energy value of the prototype samples decreased and ranged from 212 to 241 kcal per 100 g, which is 32.30–40.45% less compared to the analogue formulation. On the basis of the analysis of functional and technological indicators, the possibility of obtaining high functional and technological indicators of the model minced meat-containing semi-smoked sausages. The moisture-bonding ability was in the range of 91.65–94.05%, and wet-binding index – up to 51.69%. The use of duck meat with freshwater fish does not negatively affect the physic-chemical parameters of finished semi-smoked sausages, and allows products with parameters that meet the standard to be obtained. Meat-containing semi-smoked sausages with Muscovy duck meat and white carp have high organoleptic characteristics. The conducted researches show that the developed recipes of meat and fish meat-containing semi-smoked sausages can be recommended for production by enterprises of meat industry.


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