The estimation of effects of food crioprotectors on quality indicators of semi-fragrances

Keywords: cryoprotective action compositions, chopped semi-finished products, crystallization centers, deep freezing, water activity


A prerequisite for the preservation of quality indices of truncated semi-finished products after defrosting is compliance with the recommended conditions of refrigeration. However, it is not always possible to maintain high consumer properties of frozen semi-finished products, as the degree of destructive influence of low minus temperatures on muscle fibers of meat raw materials also depends on its quality. In world practice, the issue of the use of physico-chemical methods of treating biotechnological objects is often discussed with the use of substances of cryoprotective action. In order to stabilize the functional and technological properties of low-grade meat raw material and protect frozen brooded semifinished products from the negative influence of physico-chemical factors, protein-hydrocarbon compositions of cryoprotective action were developed. According to the results of the research, the use of Vepro 75 PSC, sodium caseinate and vegetable fiber (wheat, flax, plantain) as part of semi-finished products helps to obtain high quality products with stable consumer properties. Stabilizing effect of protein-polysaccharide mixtures ... in the model samples, the cutlet manifests itself in improving their consistency, increasing juicing and other quality indicators. The most effective composition of the complex cryoprotective protein-polysaccharide mixture containing the blood plasma protein, sodium caseinate, plantain fiber and flaxseed was determined in equal proportions. It was established that the use of developed cryoprotective complex mixtures in the model of meat minced meat systems in the amount of 2% reduces the cryoscopic temperature by 2.09–2.81 ºС, reduces the mass fraction of frozen moisture by 0.9% and increases the moisture content capable of 9.7–15.3%, in comparison with the control sample, which positively affects the quality indices of finished products. According to the results of the conducted research, it was found that the use of protein-carbohydrate compositions in the half-finished semifinished products can preserve the dense structure and succulence of the semi-finished products after 30 days of storage in the frozen state. It is confirmed that the mechanism of cryoprotective action of the developed protein-polysaccharide compositions is associated with a decrease in water activity, the formation of an amorphous structure within the product and a decrease in the number of crystallization centers.


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