The influence of a microbiological derived protease on the autolysis process in meat of broiler chickens

Keywords: proteases, fermentation, poultry meat, functional and technological properties, physicochemical properties, autolysis


The article is devoted to the influence of protease of microbiological origin on the autolysis process in broiler chicken meat. Protease made by Aspergillus fungi was chosen as an enzym. According to the experiment plan, 5 samples were made, including a control sample, in which autolytic processes were performed without the addition of an enzyme. The experimental group (samples I–IV) included samples with 30, 50, 70 and 90 mg of the added enzyme solution, respectively, per 100 g of basic meat raw material. After introduction of the enzyme and parallel fixation of the studied control parameters before maturation, the samples were stored at 4–6 °C for 2 days. The selected physicochemical parameters were studied in all samples after 1 and 2 days of storage. Among the parameters studied, the following were selected: pH, water-holding capacity (WHC), water binding capacity (WBC), fat binding capacity (FBC), moisture content, and optical density by measuring of soluble and water-soluble proteins volume. Examenated transition of proteins from salt- to water-soluble experimental group also as their overall solubility is noticeably higher than in the control sample. Among the functional and technological characteristics, these samples have shown a high pH and WHC levels. The WBC, FBC and total water content show a slight increase. The values of the studied parameters among the samples I–IV have not shown a noticeable difference. For research minced meat at 48 hours of maturation compared with the control, the increase of WHC was accordingly from 16.4 to 18.4%, the value of the university increased by 9.1–19.1%, and FBC by 1.1–5.9%. At the same time, the change in the proportion of salt and algae protein substances of minced meat according to the optical density for 48 hours of maturation was equalized with the control and the variation of this index fluctuated within 1–2 units. A literature and studies sources review have shown the effectiveness of microbial-derived protease enhancement under the action of protease ASP on the functional-technological indices of white meat of broiler chickens. It has been determined that when injecting into broth from chicken broiler meat, ASP proteases in an amount of 30 to 90 mg per 100 g of raw materials, an increase in the thermal stability indices for FBC by 1.1–5.9%, in higher education institutions by 9.1–19.1%, which makes it possible to effectively model the increase in the functional and technological characteristics of minced meat from the amount of enzyme addition and maturation time.


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