Microscopic studies new sponge semi-finished cake

Keywords: biscuit semi-finished product, microscopy, porosity, amino acid composition, pumpkin powder


The widespread introduction of non-traditional and local types of raw materials and the development of new types of products on their basis should be combined with the scientific substantiation of the composition and technology, which ensures the production of high-quality products, strengthening the control of biological and nutritional value, and the safety of new types of confectionery. One of the most important tasks faced by the confectionery industry is the development of new products in order to improve the structure of the range, save on scarce raw materials, reduce sugar content; creation of dietetic products, with a long shelf life. The use of raw materials of local and non-traditional species can contribute to solving this problem. The main source of vitamins, easily digestible carbohydrates, enzymes, fiber, pectin and minerals is fresh fruits and vegetables. Flour confectionery products, due to the high content of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, are high-calorie, well-digestible products with a pleasant taste and attractive appearance. Out of all the flour semi-finished products, the sponge cake is the bloated and softer. A well-baked cake is handy for processing; it has a smooth, thin crust; porous, elastic structure of the pulp – during compression is easily compressed, after removal of effort restores the old form. In the production of many foods, supplements that regulate the consistency and form the texture of food products are used. The structure of the sponge cake product is formed, mainly, at the stage of paste formation. The sponge cake is a poorly structured system with saturated air. The quality of the semi-finished product, above all, will depend on the quality of the resulting dough, which is substantially affected by the raw material. We have developed a recipe for a sponge dough, semi-finished product containing a pumpkin powder containing a significant amount of pectins, fiber, etc. In the structure of a sponge semi-finished product with pumpkin powder, thanks to the contents of polycarcids, which are merged with proteins bridges are formed. Osmotic swelling occurs as a result of the diffusion of water molecules inside the protein molecule, causing swelling of proteins. Microscopy of the structure of the biscuit semi-finished product was investigated in Slovakia (SPU).


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Fil, M.I., & Koropetska, T.O. (2018). Innovative approach to the technologies of new biscuit roll. Scientific Messenger of Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies, 20(85), 81–85. doi: 10.15421/nvlvet8515.

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