Improvement of the technology of small semi-solid loose-texture cheese with a high temperature of second heating for the purpose of production in cheese-making enterprises of low power

Keywords: cheese with hight temperature of the second heating, low-capacity cheese factory, ferments, cheese grain size, pickling, maturation


At the Ukrainian market, high-temperature second-heating cheeses of Maasdam type are in demand, but under the conditions of small businesses, their production is hampered by a number of factors: complex and labor-intensive production technology, low quality raw materials, long maturation period, which prevents the production of cheeses of the same quality and requires an additional area for maturation. But those small cheese-making enterprises, which own not only their own raw material base, but also sufficient production areas, have their own raw materials that meet the requirements of production of elite cheese and the technology of its production of this cheese. The aim of the work was the selection of souring cultures, optimization of the processes of clamping and processing of cheese mass, pickles and maturation of cheese, which would allow to produce cheeses of the given quality in the short term of maturation. The article highlights a number of factors regarding the possibility of production of semi-solid loose texture cheeses with a high temperature of second heating at low-capacity cheese factories. First of all, selected leaven, which promote the production of cheese with a given pH. The acceleration of maturation of cheese is facilitated by the increased moisture content in cheese mass, which depends on the size of cheese grain and the temperature of the second heating, therefore the optimal parameters of these processes are established. A feature of the production of cheese at cheese-making enterprises of low power is the production of cheese heads with a small weight – no more than 2 kg. Therefore, the process of picking cheese heads of this size is investigated and its optimal term is established. Processed stages of maturation of cheese have been worked out; the minimum maturation period was found, when the cheeses received the maximum organoleptic estimation. Thus, the introduction of the recommended technology of production of a loose-texture semi-solid cheese will allow it to be produced in low-capacity cheese factories.


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