Study of functional and technological indices of meat-containing loaf with Muscovy duck meat and white carp

Keywords: muscovy duck meat, white carp, meat-containing loaf, combined product, recipes, functional and technological properties


The raw material base for the creation of combined products can be products of plant and animal origin, grown in certain regions of Ukraine. The use of regional raw materials is the latest European trend, due to the adaptability of the population to the edible products grown on the territory of their habitat. These products include various types of waterfowl and pond fish. The article is devoted to the justification of the expediency of combining meat of white carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) with Muscovy duck meat (Cairina moschata), grown in farms of the Sumy region. The recipes of meat-containing minced meat systems for the production of meat-containing loaves with the replacement of the main raw material with Muscovy duck meat and white carp meat have been developed. It is determined that when combining meat duck of musk and meat of white carp in the composition of meat-containing loaf, it is possible to produce high-quality products with high nutritional value. It is confirmed the possibility of combining regional sources of aquaculture, meat of waterfowl with traditional types of meat and vegetable raw materials for increasing the nutritional value of meat-containing loaves. A complex of researches of nutritional value and functional and technological indices of perfume systems and finished products was carried out. It was shown that protein content in the developed samples of meat-containing loaves increased by 7.34–8.26%, fat content in developed samples of meat-containing loaves decreased for 20.90-27.70%. Experimental samples contained carbohydrates, mainly lactose, in the amount of 5.14% due to the use of dry demineralized whey. Also, in experimental samples, the content of food fibers was 2.07% due to the use of flour and fiber from the soluble fiber plant XB Fiber (Germany). The energy value of the prototype samples decreased by 8.81–14.34% less compared to the analogue formulation. It was established that the moisture-binding ability of developed samples of minced meat and loaves is higher at 9.94–12.4% than the base formula. It was found that optimized minced meat with high rates of wet-binding index had a wet holding capacity of 26.45–64.83% higher compared to the base model. The stability of the minced meat emulsion using hydrobionic raw material and poultry meat was in the range of 55.14–66.5%, which is on average 20.6% higher than the base formulation. Inclusion in the formulation of raw hydrobionts contributed to increase the emulsifying capacity of minced meat by 10.5–13.95%. The conducted researches show that the developed recipes of meat and fish loaves can be recommended for production by enterprises of meat industry. The direction of further research is the study of the biological value of developed meat and fish loaves and definition of economic efficiency from their introduction into production.


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