Use of «Amarant» cryoproush in the technology of dairy products of treatment and propofilactic degradation

  • Yu.R. Gachak
  • B.V. Gutyj
  • A. Benitska
  • T. Dyakun
  • R. Pristantsky
  • L. Kinitska
Keywords: cheese masses, sweet desserts, cryopowder, organoleptic, recipe, therapeutic and prophylactic products, biological value


The use of plant bio-additives is an inexhaustible source and resource in expanding the domestic range of dairy products for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. The use of cryopresources, as phytodactyls for dairy products, their combination of strengths has great prospects, both in social and bio-technological terms. Cryopresources are innovative products that contain the necessary vitamins and trace elements of natural origin. These dietary supplements have therapeutic and prophylactic properties and enrich the food with many nutrients.

The industrial formulations of sweet and salty cheese desserts of the treatment and prophylactic direction with cryopowder «Amaranth» were developed. The recipe differences in sweet cheesecake desserts of different fat content, their influence on the formation of organoleptic, physical, chemical and biological characteristics were studied. The introduction of cryopowder in cottage cheese mass along with therapeutic and preventive action leads to an increase in their energy value and all normative vitamins. The samples had a pleasant appearance. The offered products expands the domestic assortment of dairy products of medical and prophylactic direction. Developments are patent protected.



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Gachak, Y., Gutyj, B., Benitska, A., Dyakun, T., Pristantsky, R., & Kinitska, L. (2017). Use of «Amarant» cryoproush in the technology of dairy products of treatment and propofilactic degradation. Scientific Messenger of LNU of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies. Series: Food Technologies, 19(80), 57-62.