The theoretical background to the composition of oil mixtures with vegetable ingredients

  • Y.V. Bartashak
  • A.V. Niemirich
  • A.M. Vasheka
  • D. Hui
  • A.V. Gavrish
Keywords: cake mix, oil mixture, balanced, nutrients, concentrate, powder kerob, powder of Jerusalem artichoke, powdered raspberries, roasted peanuts, milk


The present nutritional status of the population in connection with the development of technology and adverse environmental condition is not rational and balanced. This leads to a deficiency of nutrients necessary for proper functioning of the body and keeping it healthy. After reviewing the literary data analysis and formulation of problems encountered in the world, we decided to enrich the oil mixture of herbal supplements that contain a complex of essential macro - and mclement. Therefore, for better security of the population of BAR pressing are the development of fat-containing cooking products from vegetable raw materials. To solve this problem was developed multifunctional prefabricated, which was used in the powder of Jerusalem artichoke, kerob, and crushed roasted peanuts and powdered milk, as a source of protein. The article analyzes the current technology mix for the preparation of oil blends with vegetable ingredients based on dry concentrates which have formed the background of the taste. The use of these powders would enrich the oil mixture and to expand the range of culinary products in catering industry. According to the results of the research it was proved that the use of powders of cherry and raspberry best advance balance butter mixture, give a pleasant sensory color, smell and taste, enriched with macro and microelements, vitamins. The oil is characterized by Zavalniuk and imunomodulating properties, has a positive effect on the immune system. Rich oil powders, allows to obtain a product not only with curative properties, and also improves consistency. It is the powder of Jerusalem artichoke is ftorapatita and has immune stimulating, hypoglycemic, radioprotective, antimutagenesis, demonstation properties. Each of the offered powders is concentrating Supplement which contains large amounts of iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, copper, Nickel, phosphorus, etc. which are biogenic, that is the best for learning.


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