Advisability of using chia seeds in kefir technology

  • I. Turchyn
  • І. Krichkovska-Goroshko
  • N. Slyvka
  • О. Myhaylytska
Keywords: milk drinks, yogurt, technology, process operation, chia seeds, recipe, normalization, pasteurization, shredding, biological value


Modern pace of social development led to many problems and danger of eating food. Today in Ukraine is the actual problem that is associated with quality and character of the nutrition. This problem depends on the purchasing power for ensure of the valuable food ration. One of the priorities of scientific research in recent years is the development of products functional setting. These products will help humanity to solve problems with nutrition and finding new untraditional raw ingredients with a high content of biologically active substances. As a source of protein we have chosen untraditional raw materials, namely, chia seeds. Useful properties of chia seeds have a wide variety, so it started to use as food additives. Chia effectively helps in combating depression treatment, epilepsy, sclerosis and Alzheimer's disease and normalizes blood pressure. Seeds stimulates the work of intestines and digestive system as a whole due to the high content of dietary fiber, preventing the formation of constipation and promoting the removal of harmful substances from the body. The aim of research was to study the possibility of a combination of this herbal ingredients of milk-based products in the production kefir functionality. In chia seeds determined organoleptic and physico-chemical parameters. It was proved way to prepare and stage the introduction of chia seeds in the production kefir thermostatic method. Seeds prepared as follows: purified from the impurities using wire sieve № 0,80, washed for 10 min. at 20 °C and mixed with the pasteurized drinking water at a ratio of 1 : 10 seed to water at 45 °C. Then left to swell for 30 minutes. Because chia seeds were characterized by high hydrophilic properties, due to the adsorption of water, its volume has increased 10 times. At interaction the seeds with a liquid formed gel-like state mixture. Prototypes kefir with chia seeds obtained by entering different amounts of chia seeds (3 to 10% of the total weight of the product).


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