Decreasing of vicinal diketones content during fermentation of high gravity wort

  • T.V. Kharandiuk
  • R.B. Kosiv
  • O.M. Borukh
  • R.S. Dalybozhyk
  • L.Ya. Palianytsia
  • N.I. Berezovska
Keywords: high gravity brewing, the main fermentation, maturation, vicinal diketones, enzyme preparation Maturex


One of the objectives of high gravity brewing as a modern energy-saving technology is to obtain beer of high quality, because the taste and aroma of the drink – its main properties. Vicinal diketones – diacetyl (2.3-butandion) and 2.3-pentandion play a significant role in formation of taste. Brewers task is minimizing their formation or accelerating their reduction to substances with a higher threshold of sensation. The main methods to decrease content of diketones are optimization of fermentation and maturation parameters, using of yeast modified strains and immobilized yeast cells. This could also be achieved by use of enzyme α-acetolactate decarboxylase contained in the enzyme preparation Maturex. It catalyses the reaction α-acetolactate conversion into acetoin directly without going through the formation of diacetyl. So diketone content in beer is significantly reduced and the duration of its maturation decreased. In this work we investigated the influence of parameters of high gravity wort fermentation – the wort concentration, temperature and duration of the process on the content of diketones in beer. The optimum conditions for the main fermentation were determined: the wort concentration of 16%, fermentation temperature 15 °C, the duration of 7 days. The effect of enzyme dosage of Maturex 1, 2 and 3 g/100 L of wort on the content of vicinal diketones in young beer was studied. The optimum dose of the enzyme preparation was determined, which is 2 grams per 100 L of wort. The effect of enzyme preparation Maturex on physical and chemical properties of the young and finished beer – content extract and ethanol, pH and acidity on the content of vicinal diketones was studied. Therefore, to accelerate the maturation of beer in high gravity brewing technology, to decrease content of vicinal diketones in beer and increase production efficiency recommended parameters of main fermentation are: concentration of wort should be 16%, temperature 15 °C, and duration of the process 7 days with the addition of enzyme preparation Maturex in an amount of 2 g/100 L of wort.


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Kharandiuk, T., Kosiv, R., Borukh, O., Dalybozhyk, R., Palianytsia, L., & Berezovska, N. (2017). Decreasing of vicinal diketones content during fermentation of high gravity wort. Scientific Messenger of LNU of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies. Series: Food Technologies, 19(75), 149-152.