Use of sheep fat in the production of cosmetics

  • I. Romashko
  • U. Drachuk
  • I. Basarab
Keywords: animal fat, sheep fat, tail fat, creams, lanolin, cosmetics


Cosmetic industry is developing rapidly. Particular attention is drawn to products derived from natural ingredients. For the production of cosmetic products using different bases fat, such as animal, vegetable and mineral fats and fat-like substances. They are used both in pure and in combined form. Animal fats are raw materials for the manufacture of different products: food, medical, cosmetic and technical. Characteristic features of each fat are its compounds and qualities, which depend on the origin and diet of the animal and its age. Lanolin is one of the most common components of animal origin in cosmetic formulations products. It is known as wool fat. It is produced in the manufacture of sheep's wool. Sheep fat contains lanolin and is also known for its healthy properties. Tail fat has a high purity and it is a valuable food and pharmaceutical raw material. Tail fat is not only fine food and a medical product, which is used for colds and for problems with joints, but also as a remedy for health and beauty of skin, hair and nails. The world experience of using animal fats in cosmetology is analyzed in this article. The expediency of using tail fat in the manufacture of cosmetic products is shown. The tail fat can be used as a base form of the cosmetic creams, because of the presence of lanolin, its organoleptic properties and chemical features. This is a promising direction for the development of Ukrainian cosmetology.


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