Investigation of proteolysis ability of functional destinated minced half-finished meat products

  • A. Ukrainets
  • V. Pasichnyi
  • D. Shvedyuk
  • Y. Matsuk
Keywords: semi-finished products, poultry meat, fiber, vegetable raw materials, protein-fat emulsion, proteolysis


The model recipes for minced half-finished meat products with the use of broiler chicken meat, protein emulsion based on porcine skins and dry whey, wheat hydrated fiber, plantain green mass concentrate and two kinds of modified vegetable fats are developed. The effect of various composition modified fats adding, vegetable raw materials and hydrated fiber on the ability to proteolysis depending on the prescription relationships of these components was studied in the recipes of minced half-finished meat products from poultry meat. The ability to proteolysis was studied by enzymatic hydrolysis under the action of enzymes pepsin and trypsin in an in vitro system. By enzymatic hydrolysis performing samples containing protein-fat emulsion based on proteins of porcine skin and dry whey in the formulations with two kinds of modified fats containing respectively rapeseed and palm oil as the main constituent of the component were analyzed in the formulations. As a control group, were taken samples, that differed in the absence of plant material (green plantain concentrate) in the formulation, as well as samples with the introduction of a protein emulsion without the use of fat. Samples of model minced half-finished meat products with a protein-fat emulsion based on porcine skin proteins and modified fats of 22.5% and the same level of hydrated wheat fiber and green plantain concentrate (18% and 2%, respectively) were selected as prototypes. In the course of the studies, the level of accumulation of proteolytic decomposition products in the selected samples of the hydrolyzate was measured by two methods in parallel. To fix the hydrolysis of essential amino acids, the determination of the tyrosine content by the Lowry method was used, and to fix the total proportion of peptide and protein substances in the hydrolyzate, the biuret method was used. As a result of the studies, it was found that in the control samples the first (pepsin) stage of proteolysis accumulates more peptide compounds, but fewer tyrosine, whereas in the model group of samples a stable rate of tyrosine accumulation and exceeding the final content of all peptide compounds after the complete cycle of proteolysis is fixed.


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