Research of biological value of drink from walnuts kernels

  • Y.Y. Savchuk National University of Food Technologies
  • S.I. Usatiuk National University of Food Technologies
Keywords: biological value, amino-acid structure, ratio of amino acids, walnut, utility coefficient, coefficient of a difference of amino-acid structure, ion-exchange chromatography


The plant products containing protein are food which receive on the basis of various proteinaceous fractions of plant raw materials using scientifically based methods of conversion and have a certain chemical composition, structure and properties, high nutrition and biological value. The consumers segment of proteinaceous products of plant origin includes all social spheres of the population. Also they can be recommended for dietary food, for people with intolerance of lactose and during a post. Though the balance of amino-acid structure of plant protein yields to an animal, protein of plant origin contains all irreplaceable amino acids. Also useful properties of plant protein products include lack of lactose and cholesterol, low calorie. Actual direction in the food industry is development of protein-containing products from plant raw materials. Similar products exist in many countries of the world, in particular in the countries of Asia a traditional product is protein-containing beverage from soy – soy milk. In the countries of southwest Europe consume protein-containing drink from almonds – almond milk. There are technologies of rice and oat protein-containing beverages. Widespread, but not researched in this sphere a raw materials in Ukraine is walnut . It has the high content of protein (15... 20%), pleasant flavoring and aromatic properties. Plant protein-containing products, in particular beverage from walnut recommended for the use to persons intolerant to lactose, vegetarians, during fasting as it doesn't contain lactose, animal oils and have only a plant origin. Therefore development of technology and a research of quality indicators of protein-containing beverage from walnut kernels is topical. As one of the main accents of this beverage becomes on protein, it is reasonable to research the biological value of protein of drink and to compare it from the biological value of protein of nut. In this article the biological value of walnut and drink on its basis is investigated. The amino-acid structure is investigated and ratio of amino-acid protein calculated for walnut and drink from it. Coefficients of a difference of amino-acid structure and utility of proteins of walnut and drink are defined. In the future, the conducted researches will allow balancing proteinaceous fraction of drink, with addition of other plant components that are rich with amino acids, on which developed drink is limited. Also to develop recipes of plant cocktails on the basis of drink from walnut with the balanced amino-acid composition.


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