The influence of oatmeal on technological characteristics of yogurt

  • J.V. Nazarenko
  • L.N. Kitchenko
  • S.O. Okunevska
  • V.V. Tsyhura
Keywords: technological parameters, dairy products, yogurt, oat flour, stabilizer, physical-chemical properties, acidity, clot


The work presents the results of milk mixtures research samples with oat flour, aimed to select rational parameters for production and technological adjustment modes. To solve the problem of optimal balanced diet requires the development and introduction of a given composition into manufacturing (High – protein, high – carbohydrate, carbohydrate – mineral, etc.), which should help to increase efficiency, recovery of the body, providing necessary nutrients. Modern technologies of food production include the use of various additives to improve the technical parameters of products, sensory and textural characteristics. Such additives are used: modified starch, gums, dietary fiber, etc. Recently, gaining popularity stabilizers of natural origin. On which there was no impact to chemical treatment and modification. Just such is oat flour. The properties of oat flourare characterized, as a unique ingredient in terms of a set of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, salts, enzymes, essential oils, fats, carbohydrates. An appropriateness of herbal ingredients as stabilizers of food structures. Setting the experiment is based on the classical technological scheme of yogurt production with minor changes. The basic process steps show the manufacturing process parameters. Based on research proved and developed: yogurt recipes with different mass fraction of oat flour, a comparison with a sample analog. Physical-chemical, microbiological studies were performed using conventional techniques, organoleptical - tasting method by 6 people commission. Comparative characteristics of physical and chemical properties and quality of obtained clusters has been held. The optimum mass fraction of oat flour in yogurt has been experimentally estimated. The influence of technological factors on product quality has been studied, the dependence of the fermentation time on mass fraction of added oat flour. Production of yogurt with oat flour has been enhanced by developing new recipes and reduction of fermentation by making oat flour as stabilizing system.


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