Estimation of quality of foods of processing to the amaranth

  • I.F. Lanycja Lviv University of Trade and Economics
Keywords: amaranth, albumen, digister, ready-to-cook foods


Combining of proteins of vegetable and animal origin finds wide application in the production of the manufactured meats, so as allows to extend the sources of raw materials, and also improve quality of foodstuffs, promote them biological value and mastering. The analysis of nourishing and biological value of vegetable and animal raw material(beef, flour of peas and amaranth) is conducted. The nourishing value of raw material was determined on maintenance a component, that included in her composition(proteins, fats, carbohydrates, cellulose, mineral substances). A biological value was determined on maintenance irreplaceable amino acids. As a result of undertaken studies it was certain that flour to the amaranth of sort of К-125 behaves to the typical digister with high maintenance of carbohydrates and to the cellulose, mionectic – lipids and by a high enough level squirrel. Therefore he can be used for the production of the manufactured meats with enhanceable maintenance of ballast substances, dietary foods, and also as a substitute of meat raw material at the production of meat. Squirrel to the amaranth were characterized by high maintenance of irreplaceable amino acids, and after the amount of sulfur-containing amino acids he prevailed the and flour of peas, and beef meat. Thus foods of processing to the amaranth it is expedient to apply for the increase of biological value of foodstuffs. The use of proteins of phytogenous allows to save meat raw material and make foods of high quality.


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