Research of efficiency of use of bacterial preparations on the quality characteristics of delicatessen products

  • T. Kryzhska Sumy National Agrarian University
Keywords: Delicacies, raw foods, pH, lactic acid, protein, moisture, bacterial preparations, poultry meat, amino acids, volatile fatty acids


Researched during the maturation of physical-chemical, biochemical and microbiological characteristics delicacy of poultry products produced with the use of bacterial preparation «LRR» non-traditional ingredients and recipes. The article shows that the bacterial microflora useful drug «LRR» containing composition of bacterial strains a positive impact on raw poultry – fillet of broiler chickens. In breast broiler chickens is a change, not just physical, chemical, and most importantly – biochemical parameters. The conversion of free amino acids and volatile fatty acids not only characterizes the biological value of the product, and above all, determines its taste and aroma. The proof is higher (30%) of product research content of free amino acids, both in qualitative and quantitative composition compared with the control product. A product of bacterial preparation «LRR» dominant among the essential amino acids are valine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, phenylalanine, and among replacement – aspartic and glutamic acid and alanine in relation to the reference sample. It is shown that the product of bacterial preparation «LRR» on the final day fermentation, the content of volatile fatty acids was 11.6% higher than the reference product. Efficiency in the product of bacterial preparation «LRR» and confirmed the results of microbiological studies. Which resulted, in lack of product research koliform observed three days earlier than the control product. The results of the proved that the use of bacterial preparation «LRR» changes the intensity and direction of the process of maturing the product, and provides specific forms taste aromatic properties and provides guaranteed product quality.


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