Gas sensitivity of poly-ortho-toluidine films

  • B.R. Tsyzh
  • M.R. Dzeryn
  • Yu.Yu. Horbenko
Keywords: poly-ortho-toluidine, thin films, electrochemical polymerization, chemical deposition, absorption spectra, gasochromic effect


Conductive polymers, including polypyrrole, polyaniline, polythiophene and their derivatives are used as active layers for gas sensors since the 1980s. In comparison with commercially available sensors based on inorganic materials, including toxic metal oxides, sensors based on conjugated polymers attract attention thanks to a simpler and cheaper method of manufacture. In this paper the sensitive elements of sensor devices based on conducting polymers – poly-ortho-toluidine have been proposed and the change of optical properties of thin films on transparent surfaces under the influence of gases NH3, HCl, H2S have been studied. It is shown that, as a result of the action of ammonia and hydrogen chloride vapor, significant changes in the intensity and displacement of the absorption maximum occur. The possibility of using PoT films for manufacturing of gas sensors for various purposes, including the monitoring of the food products freshness, the atmosphere and industrial environments have been shown. The next stage of research will be the increasing of the touch sensitivity of polymer films through the synthesis on other substrates and doping with nanoparticles of different nature. This work was supported by the project of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine «Development of new sensory environments for gas analysis in food and processing industry» (state registration number 0116U004740).


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