Obtaining of casein phosphopeptides under the influence of proteolytic systems of Lactococci

  • V.G. Yukalo Ternopil National Technical University Ivan Pul'uj
  • L.A. Storozh Ternopil National Technical University Ivan Pul'uj
Keywords: phosphopeptides, casein, lactococci, proteolysis


Milk proteins, particularly casein complex proteins, are precursors of biologically active peptides. These peptides are formed during the cleavage of caseins by digestive proteases in the gastrointestinal tract. They can also be released during the technological processes of production of dairy products under the influence of milkclotting preparations and enzymes of proteolytic system of lactic acid bacteria. One of the most important bioactive peptides formed of casein, is phosphopeptide. Phosphopeptides positively affect the absorption of calcium and other divalent metal ions. To get phosphopeptides from casein active proteolytic preparations of animal, plant and microbiological origin are used. The possibility of formation of phosphopeptides under the influence of lactic acid bacteria proteases, in particular lactococci that are common in milk and dairy products had not been clarified. The aim of our study was to establish the possibility of formation casein phosphopeptides under the influence of proteinase-positive proteolytically active lactococcus’ enzymes. Proteolytic system which allowed increasing the activity of lactococcus proteases was used for research. Three strains of proteinase positive proteolytically active lactococci different subspecies were selected. The total acid casein, native micellar casein, the amount of fractions бS1-CN and бS2-CN, в-CN were identified as substrates. It has been established that both preparations of total casein split better under the influence of selected lactococci strains. However, at the beginning of proteolysis the intensity of splitting was slightly higher for undenatured micellar casein compared to the acid casein. Fractions aS-CN-ХР і b-CN-5Р were less sensitive to proteolytic system of lactococcus. After three hours of incubation, the selection of phopsphopeptides has been implemented. In all cases, their output did not exceed 3%. Such output is too low for phopsphopeptides production but may be important for their formation in fermented dairy products.


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