The development of cheese technology «Mozzarella» with the usage of different curdle ferments

  • O.I. Tsisaryk
  • L.Ia. Musiy
  • I.M. Slyvka
  • T.F. Molokus
Keywords: soft cheese, mozzarella, technology, curdle enzymes, coagulation duration, synerethic properties, сheese output, organoleptic properties


The aim of the research was to develop the technology of soft cheese «Mozzarella» with the usage of curdle ferments of different origin and compare their efficiency and usage. Milk raw materials for cheese production was prepared in March 2016 r. Cheese «Mozzarella» was produced from unskimmed milk which was analyzed according to the requirements of the current standard. For the process of rennet milk curdle one used curdle ferments of different origin: CHY-MAX Powder Extra NB camel of firm «Chr. Hansen Ukraine» – sample 1; Meito microbial of firm Meito Sangyo Co (producer in Japan) – sample 2; rennet calf ferment of firm OOO «Semenko» (Ukraine) – sample 3. The duration of rennet milk curdle was determined from the moment of ferment introduction into the milk mass till the creation of dense bunch. The synerethic peculiarities were determined in the obtained bunches, measuring the value of allocated whey every 10 minutes during 1 hour. The organoleptic indicators were determined in the finished product as well as the outcome of cheese. It is researched that while using camel milk curdle ferment CHY-MAX reduces the term of mixture curdle which lead to the shortening of the product manufacturing process. The sample of cheese, while using calf rennet ferment had the highest synerethic peculiarities. Taking into account the outcome of ready cheese product «Mozzarella» with the commercial aim to obtain better benefits, it is reasonably to use camel ferment CHY-MAX. However, the sample with the usage of calf rennet ferment, according to organoleptic evaluation, was characterized by better organoleptic peculiarities – marked cheese, peculiar for soft fresh cheese taste and scent; elastic surface; white color; soft, moderately dense texture. Sample, resulted from the usage of microbial milk curdle ferment Meito was characterized by the worst organoleptic indicators.


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