Method of computer modeling and animating of individual houses’ constructing process on the slopes

  • I.H. Svidrak
  • V.I. Topchiy
  • M.P. Kushynov
  • O.R. Maksysko
Keywords: computer modeling, image editor, system of computer-aided design, AutoCAD, methods of teaching, visualization, three-dimensional modeling, animation, building on the slopes, vertical planning area, landscape solution


The article is devoted to processing techniques of modeling individual apartment house on the slopes and create animated sequences for presentation of views among the graphic system AutoCAD. A characteristic feature of the modern construction industry is the use of under development of computer-aided design (CAD). Learning and mastering graphic system AutoCAD, which is one of the more common computer systems engineering level is based in particular on methodological provision of laboratory and practical training in engineering and computer graphics. Indeed, in the information society the learning process should take place as a means of professional development of students as the main task of education - creating conditions for self-education related to the development of creative and critical thinking of the student in the presence of a certain amount of knowledge and skills required of future specialists. The trend to reduce the number of classroom hours required HS student independent study many subjects in the specialty. Many areas of research that are provided to students selfwork related solving complex engineering problems. The actual development for areas with varying topography is building on the slopes. In the article the features of the building and approaches to designing buildings using advanced modeling techniques and new technologies in construction. The results are the basis of one of the sections of a manual for students of Civil Engineering course towards preparation of engineering and computer graphics, which will acquire theoretical knowledge and work methodology for modeling of residential buildings on the slopes in the environment of AutoCAD.


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Svidrak, I., Topchiy, V., Kushynov, M., & Maksysko, O. (2017). Method of computer modeling and animating of individual houses’ constructing process on the slopes. Scientific Messenger of LNU of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies. Series: Food Technologies, 19(75), 19-22.