• O. V. Naumenko Institute of Food Resources of National Academy of Agrarian Sciences, Kiev
Keywords: bacteriophages, virulence, lactic acid bacteria, fermentation, acidity, reproduction, resistance, lysogenic cycle, rotation


The research of interaction of lactic acid bacteria cultures and virulent phages isolated under conditions of fermented dairy products manufacturing was conducted. It was shown that the impact of bacteriophages on lactobacteria depends on cultures phage types and biological properties of the phages themselves. Sensitive cultures bacteriophage infection resulted in cell lysis – viable bacteria content decreased after 6 hours cultivation by 4,2–14,5 thousand times compared to the original content. Conversely, phage titer after 6 hours of cultivation increased by 3,8–15,8 thousand times depending on culture. Active acidity (pH) has been changed insignificantly, milk coagulation did not happen even after 24 hours from the beginning of fermentation. It was defined that phage reproduction efficiency depends on the composition of the nutrient medium for the cultivation of  homologous culture. Thus, phage titer in milk was higher than in hydrolysed bouillon by 9,9–13,6 %. The use of multi-starters that include phage-resistant and/or phage-sensitive strains but with different phage types – is one way to guarantee a successful fermentation passing.


Author Biography

O. V. Naumenko, Institute of Food Resources of National Academy of Agrarian Sciences, Kiev
Ph. D., Senior Researcher


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