• N. V. Novgorodska Vinnytsya National Agrarian University
  • V. V. Blashchuk Vinnytsya National Agrarian University
Keywords: milk, WTO, EU, regulatory documents, requirements, standart, quality, safety


Article is devoted to analysis  of European and Ukrainian regulatory documents  which regulating milk quality requirements.

In this article it is shown the mismatch between Ukrainian and European standards.  It has been established that  high quality milk in Ukraine does not meet the European requirements, and some  properties of raw milk are not controlled  at all. Moreover,  there are not control in Ukraine for such indicator as freezing  point of milk.

Today in Ukraine is very actual issue of  dairy raw  quality. Significant part of milk producing is concentrated in the private farms, where is difficult to follow the conditions of obtaining the high quality milk raw,  impossible  to conduct producing control. and such milk is produced up to 70 %. Milk raw of the first and the second class is not suitable for European milk processing companies.


Author Biographies

N. V. Novgorodska, Vinnytsya National Agrarian University
Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
V. V. Blashchuk, Vinnytsya National Agrarian University
Candidate of Agricultural Sciences


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Postanova Jevropejs'kogo parlamentu ta Rady № 852/2004 ta № 853/2004 vid 29.04.2004. (in Ukrainian).

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