• N. A. Tkachenko Odessa national academy of food technologies, Odessa
  • O. А. Kurenkovа Odessa national academy of food technologies, Odessa
  • А. Y. Kasyanova Odessa national academy of food technologies, Odessa
Keywords: spread, functional product, physiologically functional food ingredient, milk fat, vegetable oil, probiotic, prebiotic, synbiotic, bifidobacteria, structure, organoleptic parameters


The article describes the main aspects of the creation of balanced emulsion of fatty productsin view a functional purpose the norms physiological requirements of modern man, shows promising developments sweet bifido low fat spreads a functional purpose with synbiotic properties in the ratio of milk and vegetable fats and balanced ratio of 70:30 UFA: MUFA:PUFA and PUFA ω-6: PUFA ω-3. Рroposed introduction in recipes  low fat spreads dry dairy ingredients to ensure high organoleptic parameters, in particular taste or smell, and stabilizing the structure. As probiotic components recommended adapted to milk cultures of bifidobacteria in the composition of bacterial concentrates direct introduction FD DVS Bb-12, Liobac BIFI or Liobac 3BIFIDI after their activation in pre-sterilized milk, enriched with fructose as a bifidogenic factor, as prebiotics – the use of soluble dietary fiber: gum, pectin, inulin. It is also possible enrichment functional purpose spreads  fat-soluble antioxidant vitamins (A, D, E).


Author Biographies

N. A. Tkachenko, Odessa national academy of food technologies, Odessa
O. А. Kurenkovа, Odessa national academy of food technologies, Odessa
А. Y. Kasyanova, Odessa national academy of food technologies, Odessa


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