Unconventional mushroom components in the recipe of dressing

  • I. Romashkо Stepan Gzhytskyi National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies Lviv, Ukraine https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5848-5352
  • S. Maуkovа Lviv Institute of Economics and Tourism, Lviv, Ukraine
Keywords: mayonnaise, dressings, sauces, mushrooms, maitake, properties, restaurants, dishes


The taste of many dishes depends on the sauces that complement them. This includes hot dishes, cold appetizers, and salads. Іt is proposed to expand the range of restaurant products by using salad dressings with a fungal therapeutic effect. The expediency of introducing functional ingredients into the recipe composition of sauces is considered. The characteristics of mushrooms of maitake and mushroom powder on their basis for the development of medicines and prophylactic appointments were studied. The healing mushroom Maitaique (maitake) became the object of modern science, just recently - only a few decades ago - and to this day the scientists do not cease to see new useful and curative properties. This mushroom comes from the northeast of Japan and China and is quite rare and extremely tasty. Substances that are part of maitake stimulate, activate and prolong the growth of the cells of the body, responsible for the destruction of all alien, including malignant formations. The use of nutrition by healthy people can significantly increase the immunity to diseases, including oncology. Mushroom also affects all types of malignant organisms, slowing down their development and stimulating the breakdown of bad cells. One way to enrich the dish with functional ingredients is to use semi-finished products, for example, dry powders based on raw materials that have therapeutic and prophylactic properties. The recipes of mayonnaise dressing sauce using mushrooms maitake are developed. Organoleptic properties of cooked dressing with different contents of mushroom powder are investigated. The physical and chemical characteristics of functional mushroom sauces have been determined and their conformity to the normative requirements has been confirmed. Their compliance with the normative requirements is confirmed. The optimal ratio of components in the composition of mayonnaise dressing with the addition of mushroom powder maitake is established and prospects of further experiments are presented in order to improve it.


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