Construction of a plan and a section of a building site in the environment of the AutoCAD graphic editor for the virtual learning environment in the Higher School

Keywords: Computer simulation, graphic editor, virtual learning environment, geometric constructions,construction site


During construction for development and design documentation`s presentation takes more time, than directly designing. Therefore, actual mean is a execution`s automation of design documentation with using computer graphics. Computer Graphics is a knowledge base for creating, processing, and storing models of geometric shapes and their graphic images by using a computer. A characteristic development`s feature of modern production is its automation, one of the main components which are the systems of automated design (CAD). Those of them that are focused only on solving specific problems, for example, in the production of design documentation, are called local systems. At present, there are many software systems of computer design of varying complexity and purpose. One of the most commonly used graphical system is the AutoCAD. In creating architectural and construction drawings, the process of constructing a plan and cutting the construction site requires a considerable amount of time. Therefore, the using AutoCAD graphical system is relevant for quick and high-quality execution of this work. The method of step-by-step application of AutoCAD commands was developed by the authors for building boundaries of earthworks, horizontals with numeric labels, and also for determining the boundaries of earthworks for excavation and embankment of the site. The squares`s grid of the slopes and the linear scale of the drawing are crossed out is used to be given by the variant of the ratio, for the option for simplifying the construction. Similar construction is also used to construct a ramp (access road). In addition, the process of constructing lines of intersection of slopes with each other and with a topographic surface, as well as the process of building the profile of the area and profile of the construction site is shown in the work. After using each of the current AutoCAD commands for demonstration its execute, are given illustration of successive steps for  creating a drawing of construction site. The performed work involves the preparation of material for methodically filling the course of computer graphics in a virtual environment, has relevance in the educational process. The results of the presented work are used in the sections of the teaching manual for students of engineering and construction specialties and in the virtual learning environment at the Higher School.


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