Technological aspects of production of cream cheese with spinach powder

Keywords: powdered spinach, lactic cheese, quality indicators


The article proposes a fundamentally new formulation and technology of production of sour milk soft cheese of high biological value, enriched with vitamins, trace elements, and the addition of spinach powder. The generalized functional scheme of cheese production of sour milk soft is provided. The high biological value of cheese obtained by the proposed method is due to the chemical composition of the main components. As a component, it was proposed to use finely divided spinach powder (9 ... 20 microns) obtained by drying with mixed heat supply, with a 7% mass fraction of moisture. This powder has a neutral smell, but with a pronounced taste of spinach, a sweet flavor, a green tint. The healing effect of spinach powder is due to the high content of inulin-based polysaccharides, the presence of pectin substances, B vitamins, and vitamin C, the most important trace elements: iron, silicon, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, and nickel. In this work, improvement of the physical and chemical properties of cream cheese enriched with spinach powder, improvement of the organoleptic properties of cheese, determination of the ability of the spinach powder to absorb the moisture content of the microstructure of the spinach powder of the control sample and in the frozen state. As a result of the research, the use of the recipe components of the new combined milk products on the milk-based basis was substantiated, the formulations were determined and a scale scale was developed for assessing their quality. In addition, the expert method evaluates the quality of combined baking dairy products of high biological value for organoleptic parameters. Taking into account all the abovementioned, it is obvious that the improvement of the recipes of traditional sour-milk products can be accomplished by adding spinach powder and fillers to the main raw material, which makes it possible to create new combined dairy products of high biological value for rational nutrition, as well as to expand the range of existing dairy products in order to meet the growing needs. population. Further research is expected to study the chemical composition of the new dish and the prospects of using the cream as a finishing semi-finished product for flour confectionery products.


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