Usage of chia seeds in the composition of dietary semi-finished minced prod-ucts

Keywords: cutlet, non-traditional raw materials, chia, semi-finished products, organoleptic evaluation, sensory char-acteristics, flavor, descriptors, profilogram


The article deals with the results of sensory analysis of semi-finished minced fish products with non-traditional raw materials (seeds of chia) by the flavor profile method, and establishing their compliance with the hypothetical standard. It is shown the expediency of its use to assess the overall impression about the combination of freshwater fish with plant materials for the diversification of biologically valuable food products. The obtained positive results of organoleptic studies have shown the expediency of combining the chia seeds with freshwater fish, and it is proved by high indicators of such descriptors as: the overall impression, harmonious, fishy, sweet-salty taste. As for the consistency, fish cutlets are plastic and dense on the cut. The article deals with the results of the chemical composition, organoleptic evaluation and physical and chemical changes in semi-finished minced products with the addition of non-traditional raw materials and the establishment of their shelf life. The expediency of combining a freshwater fish with plant material to expand the range of biologically valuable food products is presented in the article. The research has established that the use of non-traditional raw materials in a production of semi-finished minced products allows not only to improve the technology of production, but also to solve the problem of obtaining the product of a high nutritional value. The author found that the developed technology of production of semi-finished fish products will significantly expand the range of products of functional purpose based on natural components, which will allow, to some extent, to expand the actual problem of processing raw materials from domestic reservoirs in Ukraine.


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