The use of the β-cyclodextrin with iodine in technology of making meatballs and their functional characteristics

Keywords: nutrition, iodine deficiency, meat of chicken broilers, functional and technological characteristics, shelf life.


The pressing issue today is to increase the range of foods that would have increased nutritional value. Therefore, the subject of the study is meatballs cooked on the basis of the thighs of broiler chickens, half fat pork and beef of the first grade. The aim was to create a complete product with high organoleptic characteristics, balanced by biological and nutritional value and to find the optimal concentration of β-cyclodextrin complex with iodine. The article presents a comparative study of functional and technological characteristics of minced meat based on meat of chicken broilers, pork semifinished and first grade beef. According to the research plan, recipe samples were developed that differed in the type of used raw meat materials and complex of iodine with β-cyclodextrin content. The processing of products was carried out by the standard method. Among the examined parameters are selected: the content of moisture, water holding and water retaining capacity, рН, fat content. All measurements were examined after preparation and 30 days of storage. All test specimens had a characteristic pH level according to the type of raw material. The moisture content was characteristic of the raw material used and reached the maximum value for sample 8 after preparation – 46.1 %, and the minimum for sample 2 – 38.3 %. The moisture content of all samples depends on the consistency of the product. Thus, it has the lowest values among the samples for all samples it includes in its recipe a fillet of broiler chickens, which is more sensitive to heat treatment than the raw material used in other specimens. The results of the determination of fat content in the test specimens completely correspond to the average values for this type of raw material. The highest values were obtained in the samples containing pork, the lowest the red meat of broiler chickens. Improved recipe for meatballs in tomato sauce with the content of the resulting complex β-cyclodextrin with iodine of 4 μg/g of product. The complex has  absence of negative impact on the quality of the finished product, no impact on quality or sensory characteristics, on functional and technological characteristics and shelf life of the finished product. The results show that the substitution of beef in the recipe for broiler chickens allows the production of meatballs with high quality properties.


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