Development of beverage technology for athletes with the addition of whey proteins

Keywords: milk drink, whey proteins, sports nutrition, technology


The article substantiates the relevance of developing a new drink technology for sports nutrition. The combination of milk base has an obvious positive effect on the body and enrichment with the necessary plant components. According to the formula of balanced nutrition of athletes engaged in strength sports, the daily amount of necessary macronutrients was calculated. The aim of the work was to develop a milk drink with nutrients. Their content in a portion of 500 g will cover the daily requirement by more than 10 %. Taking into account theoretical research, the component composition of the drink for athletes is substantiated. The expediency of adding whey protein concentrate obtained by ultrafiltration has been proved. According to the results of experimental studies of the dynamic viscosity index, a rational amount and type of carbohydrate component in the beverage has been established. With the addition of maltodextrin in the amount of 8 %, a viscous-fluid consistency of the model sample is observed. Тhe recommended limit on the amount of carbohydrates in beverages for athletes, namely an average of 10…12 %, taking into account the lactose content in milk-based about 4.0…4.5 %. The addition of soybean oil to the composition of the drink recipe for athletes is justified. A rational amount of lecithin emulsifier has been established to ensure the stability of the emulsion of the finished product. The composition of the milk drink recipe for athletes is given, which additionally includes a multivitamin premix, creatine monohydrate, dry extract of safflower leaflet, flavoring. The calculation of the nutritional and energy value of the developed drink was performed and the assessment of the satisfaction of the daily requirement for minerals and vitamins when drinking the drink in the amount of 500 g (1 serving) was performed. Consumption of the developed drink by the athlete who is engaged in power sports, in the amount of 500 g per day will provide the body with the necessary nutrients by more than 10 %.


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