Improvement of technology of pate in the shell with the use of dietary supplement

Keywords: meat-pate, poultry, walnuts, pumpkin juice


The article presents the research results of model samples of chicken and liver pâtés using a dietary supplement based on walnuts and pumpkin juice. Scientific work aims to improve the technology of pate in the shell using ingredients containing biologically active substances with a wide range of physiological actions. Meat and vegetable pâtés are created by combining proteins of different origins. Currently, in Ukraine, available protein and fat resources are not fully used for food purposes. This problem must be solved by developing new generation recipes and creating original technologies for food production, with optimal content of proteins, fats, vitamins, macro-and micronutrients, and other essential components. In the scientific work, the research on the influence of the dietary supplement's components in the recipes of pate is carried out. It is proposed to use 10 % walnut paste and 10–20 % pumpkin juice in the pate stuffing. This will enrich the product with the walnut's carotene and unique vegetable proteins. In the study of functional and technological parameters of pâtés, it is proved that with the increasing amount of pumpkin juice in minced meat model compositions, the value of moisture-binding capacity decreases, and the addition of juice up to 20 % does not impair moisture retention compared to control. The pH value of model pates is lower than the control by 0.54… 0.17 units due to the introduction of pumpkin juice into the recipe. Using walnut paste, pumpkin juice, and sunflower oil instead of lard and butter does not reduce the quality of pate, and the plasticity of pate samples № 1 and 2 do not differ significantly from the control. The results of the organoleptic evaluation of pâtés show that the addition of 10 % of walnut paste and pumpkin juice to 20% in the recipe made it possible to obtain a product with good sensory characteristics.


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