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Author Guidelines

Editorial accepts for publication the original experimental work in key areas: veterinary medicine; genetics and breeding; animals' feeding and forage technology; animal products processing technology and food technology; economy and humanities and optimize the learning process. Scientific Journal publishes articles in Ukrainian, Russian and English.
Manuscripts should be sent in duplicate on paper and in electronic form on the wording E-mail:

Manuscript must be signed by each of the authors. Experimental work is available from expert opinion on the possibility of publication of the institution where the study was conducted; if the research was conducted in part at other institutions, they must provide written consent for publication.


Articles shall issue in Microsoft Word 6 or 7 (A4 with margins on all sides - 20 mm, font - Times New Roman, size - 14 pt, line spacing - 1,5, without seals text and hyphenation.).
The paper should not exceed 20 pages (review - 30 pages) including a list of cited references, tables, pictures, summaries in English and Russian.
On a separate page they must contain your contact with authors (first name, middle name, postal and e necessarily addresses, office and home phones with area code, mobile phone).

Structure of the article

Name and initials., Degree, academic title, (E-mail)
Name of institution, city, country
Abstract (not less than 15 lines)
Keywords: 10-15 words
Abstract in Russian
Summary in English
Material and methods.
Research results.

Prospects for further research.
Abstract. Author's abstract (summary) is a brief summary of the work that is scientific in nature should be understood without reference to the same publication. Copyright summary of the article is the main source of information to domestic native and foreign information systems and databases, in which journal is indexed. Copyright summary follows the structure of the article briefly highlights and goals and objectives, methods, results, conclusions. Information submitted in the summary should not contain material that is not in the main publication.

The informations which is in the title should not be repeated in the text of the author's summary. Abbreviations and symbols, except commonly, used in exceptional cases or give their explanation and definition of the first use of the author's summary. In summary they, do not make reference to the publication of the references.
The amount of copyright text summary publication is determined by the content (volume of information of scientific value and / or practical value), it must have at least 15 lines.
Introduction discloses the nature and state of scientific problems. In the introduction, executive summary of the general characteristics is in the following order:
Actuality: the essence of the problem, its importance, the works of famous scientists on the matter, the rationale for the research.
The purpose and objectives of the study. The purpose of the study articulate one sentence. To achieve this goal, we must solve several (usually 3-5) tasks. Goals and objectives should be linked and disclose the subject, stated in the title of the work.
Materials and Methods shape so that by following the descriptions could reproduce the study. In the known method is to link to. It should give the type and number of test animals.
Results and discussion. No need to give the same results in tables and figures. If a table in the text of digital material is not present, may only change parameters with significant difference (p <) at times or percentage correlation (r =). If the article figures in the text should be given digital data (mean and deviation, fluctuation).
Conclusions emerging from 4-10 sentences.
Prospects for further research are formed with 2-5 sentences.

Bibliographic description of documents is carried out according to standard bibliographic description of documents GOST 7.1: 2006. With the reduction of words used by GOST 3582-97 "Abbreviations in the Ukrainian language in bibliographic description" and GOST 12.7.93 "Byblyohrafycheskaya Record. Reduction words in Russian language. General requirements and rules. " When you create a description of a foreign language and follow the requirements of GOST 7.11-78 "Reduction words and slovosochetanyy for Foreign Languages in byblyohrafycheskom proyzvedenyy Printer Description." For descriptions of archival documents there are "Rules for links to archived documents in theses // Bul. HI. certification. commissions. - 2010. - number 3 - P. 17-20 "and" Rules for links to archived documents pryknyzhkovyh, final, prystateynyh lists sources // Ibid. - P. 20-22. " Bibliographic descriptions make de visu, directly behind the original publications.

References. A separate list of references is transliterated by English letters

Submitted articles are sent for review, edited by two leading experts in the relevant field. Articles with corrections and comments of reviewers returned to the authors.
For editorial control proofreading articles sent via e-mail layout, which must be returned within five days by e-mail. If the answer from the authors not received on time, the editors reserve the right to delay publication.
In the event of a negative review, which eliminates the possibility of revision of the article, a copy of its wording leaves in the archive, and the second, along with a review back to the authors. In rejecting the manuscript in its wording leaves it one archive copy.

The date of receipt of the article believe date of receipt of the final version worked out by the author of the manuscript.


It is free to submit a manuscript to "Scientific messenger of Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies named after S.Z. Gzhytskyj", while a charge of 35-hrivna (35 UAH) for each print page and no charge for the colour figures will be assessed on accepted manuscripts. The publication fee for the invited papers will be waived. If authors have a financial problem to support the publication, requests for waiver of charges can be submitted to

WARNING! If an article decorated with violations of the general requirements, the editors reserve the right to return the manuscript to the authors for revision without registering it.


Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  1. This view was not previously published nor were sent to editorial to review the other journals (or in the comments to the editor data necessary explanations follow).
  2. The file of submission is a document formatted by Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, RTF or WordPerfect.
  3. Internet links in the text are accompanied by full correct of the URL.
  4. Text typed by the 14th the size of size, single spaced; author's emphasis in italics, rather than underlining (everywhere except addresses URL); All images, graphics and tables are placed directly in the text where they should be on the content (not at the end of the document).
  5. The text conforms to the style and bibliography set out in the Guidelines for Authors in section "About the Journal".
  6. If the material is supplied in peer-reviewed journal section, when you make the file of submissions the instructions of Guarantees blind review were made on.

Privacy Statement

Names and email addresses that users enter the site of this journal will be used exclusively to internal technical problems of this magazine; they will not be extended and transferred to the third parties.