Morphological changes of the thymus of chickens with different scheme of antibiotic therapy

  • L.Y. Lyzogub Odessa Experimental Station of National Scientific Center «Institute of Experimental and Clinical Veterinary Medicine», Svobodyi Avenue, 2, Odessa, 65037
Keywords: chickens, thymus, antibiotics, probiotics


The maximum number of products at the lowest cost – is the main thing, what modern poultry industry can be characterized. One of the most pressing problems at the moment is early antibiotic therapy and the associated safety of young poultry early age. In this regard, of particular interest for this study is how the most widely used antibacterial drugs effects on the one of key organs of the immune system – thymus. The article presents the data obtained in the course of the experiment, which determines how preventive treatment schemes, that includes usage single and multiple antibacterial drugs, influenced on the morphological status of the chickens thymus. We selected scheme and a combination of antibacterial drugs have not been studied previously. That was compared with the usage of probiotic Bolmol at the same treatment scheme. A comparison of morpho-functional state of the thymus of chickens 15-, 22- and 41-days-old, when applying several treatments schemes. The schemes of treatment included: the usage of one or two antibiotics during the cycle, compared with the usage of probiotic. We made the conclusions about the absence of the negative impact of selected drugs on the morphofunctional state of the thymus and the positive effect of probiotic «Bolmol». The morphometric parameters of the cortex and medulla in the lobules of the thymus of chicks 15-day-old, taking as an antibacterial drug probiotic Bolmol, were not significantly different from control values and were statistically significant when compared with chicks who used antibiotics: the width of the cortical area was on 15% and 29.09% wider then chickens receiving antibiotic treatment. This indicates a positive effect of probiotic Bolmol compared with antibacterial agents which were chosen. Thus, these data demonstrate that the use of probiotics in cyclic schemes of antibiotic prophylaxis contribute to the normal development of the thymus, which in turn leads to increased resistance and preservation of poultry. Was given the substantiation about safely usage of cyclic schemes of antibacterial drugs in the event of objective necessity.


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