Pathomorphology aspergillosis of the snowy owls (Bubo scandiacus)

  • R.S. Dancovych Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies
  • I.S. Kolyada Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies
Keywords: aspergillosis, snowy owl, pathomorphology, air cacs, granulomas of aspergillosis, aersacculitis, perivascular edema, pseudo-eosinphils, lymphocytes, necrosis, degeneration, sclerotic changes


This article describes pathomorphological changes developing on the conditions of aspergillosis polar owls. Research Proven to 6 polar sovah (Bubo scandiacus), which are kept at home. Dissection of birds that died were carried out by Shor. Internal organs were removed only Organocomplexes, keeping their anatomical and physiological relationships. When opening the selected material for histological examination. Fixation of the pieces performed in 10% neutral formalin solution. Histozrizy sleigh made using microtome, stained with hematoxylin-eosin, methylene green and pironinom by brush. The diagnosis is established complex, based on history, clinical signs of the analysis, the results of postmortem (including histological) study. During the autopsy the most pronounced structural changes found in respiratory organs. In the pneumatic bags and lungs vizualizuvalys multiple granulomas white and yellow compacted consistency. Form asperhiloznyh preferably concentric lesions, hudzykopodibna. Some granulomas in its center containing necrotic mass. Often found conglomerates asperhiloznyh knots. Affected pneumatic bags are thick, dense (because of diffuse proliferation of connective tissue), delayed on the surface of fibrin. Often asperhilozni granuloma located on the thick connective tissue stem. For histological examination revealed that the center was located granulomas significant number of sero-fibrinous fluid that infiltrated abundant histiocytes, poorly lymphoid elements. On the periphery vizualizuvalys lymphocytes, and plasma cells psevdoeozynofily, fibroblasts. In the center of «mature» asperhiloznyh granulomas develop pronounced necrotic changes. Around hyperemic vessels developed peryvazalni pronounced swelling. In addition, the bags found povitryanosnyh sclerotic changes (increase of fibroblast proliferation and connective tissue), and in the lungs - perifocal sero-fibrinous pneumonia. In the small intestine recorded acute catarrhal or hemorrhagic inflammation. Also showed signs of intoxication (dystrophic and necrotic changes in hepatocytes and nefrotsytiv), general anemia, cardiovascular and pulmonary disease.


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