The status of extracellular antimicrobial potential of phagocytes genitals of cats

  • M.M. Zhelavskyi Podillya State Agrarian and Engineering University
  • I.M. Shunin Podillya State Agrarian and Engineering University
Keywords: cats, reproductive system, local immunity, cellular homeostasis, neutrophilic granulocytes, cytochemical reactivity, NBT-test


This article shows the results of the experimental researches in the cellular link of local immune protection of cats' genitals. Due to the urgency of the problem the aim of our study was to investigate the functional state of the phagocytic cells and to explore and interpret their role in the formation of the antimicrobial potential of homeostasis in the system of local immunity of the cats' reproductive organs. Cytochemical research determined the antimicrobial reactive Oxygen-dependent mechanism for the protection of neutrophil granulocytes in reaction with NBT It was found out, that the antimicrobial potential of phagocyte cells actively realizes via Oxygen dependent protection mechanisms. The total number of NBT + phagocytic cells in the investigated micropreparations was 21.35 ± 0.86%. Cytochemical reactivity of primary phagocytic cells was shown on the I and II level, which reflects the full manifestation of the phagocytic defense. The activated phagocytes have also shown the active adhesion and phagocytosis of epithelial cells and of apoptosial macrophages, which is also one of the signs of the maintenance of cellular homeostasis. The interpretation of the results was done according to the outcomes of the research and the conclusions and recommendations on the application of cytochemical studies in a comprehensive assessment of the antimicrobial potential of phagocytic cells and for predicting clinical evaluation of reproductive diseases in small animals were developed. It is recommended to perform cytochemical studies during complex testing of the local immune protection of the reproductive organs of animals, which will allow to objectively assess the state of cellular immunity, diagnose subclinical manifestation of reproductive pathology and predict the risk of complications.


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