Condition of fish disease on branhiomyces and saprolegniosis in Rivne region

  • T.V. Poltavchenko National University of Water and Environmental Engineering
Keywords: athlete, branhiomyces, saprolegniosis, pond fish, pond farming, ichtyopatological research, microscopic investigation, monitoring, treatment, prevention


Mycoses are dangerous because cause all ages fish (even spawn) of various species and lead to a large number of deaths – up to 70%. Micoses diseases caused by microscopic fungi belonging to several classes. The inhabitants of ponds parasites and mostly freshwater halophilic , opportunistic species out of the water and other substrates. Effective treatment of fungal infections has not yet been developed, so it is essential to carry out preventive veterinary-sanitary measures and create optimal conditions in ponds where fish are bred and grown. This article presents the epizootic situation analysis according such fish mycoses diseases of trout in fish industry in Rivne region in 2008–2015. Monitoring and control of these infections was fulfilled by the planned laboratorial experiments with given samples and fish industry epizootic investigations. Rivne state veterinary control over the 2008–2015 yy. was investigated epizootological state farms Rivne region on the state of disease in fish mycoses: saprolehniosis and branhiomyces. In 2008–2015 yy. investigated: PJSC «Rivnerybhosp» PJSC fish-meliorative station «Rivnenska» and «Alexandria» SVK «Victoria», enterprises of different ownership. Monitoring studies conducted by Rivne regional state veterinary laboratory in Rivne allow to prevent the spread and development of such dangerous mycoses as branchiomyces and saprolegniosis in time. According to reports of 2008–2015 yy. Rivne region is prosperous as for branchiomyces and unfavorable as for saprolegniosis (in 2009–2011 yy. some sporadic cases in pond farms were recorded).


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