Research of sharp and chronic toxicness of experimental preparation of «Ferosel Т»

  • V. Todoriuk
  • V. Hunchak
  • D. Gufrij
  • B. Gutyj
  • I. Hariv
  • R. Khomyk
  • R. Vasiv
  • N. Slobodyuk
  • A. Vynyarska
  • O. Zhuravlоv
  • P. Husar
  • N.V. Nazaruk
  • N.Y. Nazaruk
  • M. Soltis
Keywords: pharmacology, toxicology, Ferosel Т, Iron, Selenium, rat, rabbit, guinea-pigs


In the article the brought results over of sharp and chronic toxicness of new preparation dextran of iron «Ferosel Т», that in the composition contains Iron and Selenium. It was set that preparation of «Ferosel Т» in prophylactic and therapeutic doses and in a dose in 3 times of any more than therapeutic, at peroral introduction a 3 twenty-four hours in succession did not show a toxic action laboratory rats. At the terms of hypodermic introduction of preparation the death of white rats it was not, it is only set brief oppression of laboratory animals, animals preparations were given that in a dose 10 ml/kg. It is set that in prophylactic and optimal therapeutic doses preparation did not influence on the detoxication function of liver. For rats, what was entered Ferosel T in maximal therapeutic and maybe toxic doses, duration of a dream from Hexenalum was on 32 and 35 percents more relation than control sizes. The toxicness of Ferosel Т was also studied on the indexes of irritating action(after dermic test and testis on conjunctiva), action of allergy (a method of applique on a skin) and determined the coefficients of mass of internalss at great while of introduction of preparation. For animals Ferosel Т was entered that in a dose 10 ml/kg during a 21 twenty-four hours, motive activity some went down. Research of emotional and behavior reactions of laboratory animals after introduction of Ferosel Т during a 21 twenty-four hours in therapeutic and maximally therapeutic doses did not show substantial influence on the nervous system. On the indexes of hyperemia and edema of skin and thickness of skin fold of Ferosel Т in prophylactic and therapeutic doses at an applique on the skin of crawls did not cause a local irritating action. Separate injection of preparation of «Ferosel Т» for 0,1 ml did not cause the filling out reaction of paws guinea-pigs. As a result of undertaken studies it is not educed allergen properties at preparation of «Ferosel Т». For laboratory rats, Ferosel Т was entered that in a prophylactic dose it is not set reliable changes of coefficients of mass of heart, liver, spleen and kidneys. For rats Ferosel Т was entered that in an optimal therapeutic dose, in comparing to control mass of spleen and liver was accordingly on 10.3 and 6.4% anymore. At introduction of Ferosel Т to the maximally therapeutic dose mass of spleen and liver was accordingly on 14.0 and 15.0% anymore. The got results of researches specify that preparation of Ferosel Т is safe at application for a prophylaxis and treatment of animals.


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