The rabbits myxomatosis prophylaxis

  • N. Kos'yanchuk National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Heroyiv Oborony Str., 15, Kyiv, 03041
Keywords: myxomatosis virus, rabbits, Lapinum MIX vaccine, Lapinum HEMIX vaccine, source of infection, disinfection, prevention


Rabbits Myxomatosis – highly contagious disease, which pathogen are epiteliotrophic virus from the family Poxviridae. The rapid spread of the disease contributes people's ignorance in realization of zoohygienic, veterinary and sanitary preventive measures during rabbit farming and breeding. Now, effective treatments against Rabbits Myxomatosis isn’t be in existence yet. Therefore, you must implement follow zoohygienic, veterinary and sanitary preventive measures: – to put on-time routine vaccination of all livestock rabbits. Rabbits vaccinated in month age old, in hazardous areas – in 28-th day age old, revaccination realized in 3 months. It is necessary to do the vaccination before the mass insects fly, the best is during late April – early May; – to conduct disinfections, disinsections and deratizations measures of animal buildings; – to conduct measures of manure decontamination (by biotermal way, to the liquid fraction – use follow chemicals: formaldehyde, bleaching powder) – to apply repellents – substances that repel insects (oksamat, benzymin (hexamid) and diethyltoluamid (DEET); – to be consistent with the principle «All Empty – All Occupation», which makes it possible to do preventive breaks, sanitary measures, maintenances and disinfection of animals buildings; – to conduct complex of disease epizootic data diagnostics with regard of: seasonality, the activity of blood-sucking insects, cases in the past, mass disease. There are use the living cultural lyophilized vaccine against Rabbits Myxomatosis in order to prevent disease in the Ukraine, which made in Ukraine and abroad. Currently, LLC «BIOTESTLAB» developed a live vaccine against Rabbits Myxomatosis - Lapinum Mix and Lapinum Hemix (complex against Rabbits Haemorrhagic Disease and Rabbits Myxomatosis). Lapinum lines vaccines provide rapid immune response and long protection against diseases. Tests showed high level of the rabbit blood antibodies from 4-th day of vaccination. In the production of vaccines used same completely homologous Ukrainian virus strains which effective vaccination guarantee.


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