Influence of probiotic and phytobiotic on parameters of T- and B-cell immunity in weaned piglets with non-contagious gastroenteritis

  • B.O. Lukashchuk Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies
Keywords: weaned piglets, antibiotic, probiotic, phytobiotic, gastroenteritis, immune system, T-lymphocytes, T-total, T-active, T-helper, T-suppressor, B-lymphocytes, immunoregulatory index


In the use of colostral protective factors and insufficient activity of piglets immune system, against the background of immunodeficiency after weaning from sows developing diseases, often caused by conditionally-pathogenic or pathogenic microorganisms, including non-contagious gastroenteritis. The article presents analyzes of T- and B-cell immunity parameters in weaned piglets with non-contagious gastroenteritis and after their treatment with probiotic TOYOCERIN 10⁹ and phytobiotic EXTRACT™ 6930 as part of the basic diet in combination with antibiotic (10 % solution of enrofloxacin hydrochloride) in the modern pig farm. It was established that in piglets after weaning with non-contagious gastroenteritis decreased of T- and B-cell immunity parameters. In particular, in blood decreased number of total and active T-lymphocytes, T-helpers and T-suppressors also decreased number of B-lymphocytes, which may indicate the development in these immunodeficient condition. It was established positive effect of probiotic and phytobiotic in combination with antibiotic on T-cell immunity of pigs, as indicated by the increased number of total T-lymphocytes in blood to the clinical healthy animals level. A similar tendency was observed in the number of T-helper cells, their number was higher in groups of weaned piglets which added probiotic TOYOCERIN 10⁹ and phytobiotic EXTRACT™ 6930. As to the immunoregulatory index, which is a quantitative ratio of T-helper to T-suppressor, there was no significant alteration of values in control and experimental groups of pigs. It was established positive effect of probiotic and phytobiotic in humoral immunity of piglets by increasing number of B-lymphocytes to the level of clinical healthy animals which indicate increased body ability to the active synthesis of protective antibodies. The use of probiotic TOYOCERIN 10⁹ and phytobiotic EXTRACT™ 6930 for weaned piglets with non-contagious gastroenteritis normalized number of T- and B-lymphocytes, which are the leading immunocompetent blood cells that characterize the level of animal body defense and condition of specific immunity. Perspectives for further research will be directed at determining the therapeutic effectiveness of probiotic TOYOCERIN 10⁹ and phytobiotic EXTRACT™ 6930 for weaned piglets with non-contagious gastroenteritis.


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