The level of trace element composition of the soil, water and feed on the «Radvan Nowa» farm, Pustomyty district, Lviv region

  • L. Mykytyn
  • V. Binkevych
  • Y. Vachko
Keywords: water, soil, mobile forms, MAC, trace elements, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Cobalt, Cadmium, Plumbum, Nickel, analysis of feed, shortage, sheep


The article highlights the results of the research content of mobile forms of certain trace elements in the water for watering sheep, pasture soils and feed of «Radvan Nowa» farm, Beregy village, Pustomyty district, Lviv region. The aim of research was to examine the actual content of certain trace elements (Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, Co, Pb, Ni, Cd), determine the deviation of studied mobile forms of trace elements from the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) and to establish the suitability of soil and water in the area for livestock. Also determine the trace elements availability of feed on the farm. Reseived results indicate that the water in this sector meets sanitary standards for the content of trace elements studied and can be used for watering sheep without any reservations and ground land suitable for future use and livestock. The content of trace elements in the soil – water – feed on the «Radvan Nowa» farm, Pustomyty district, Lviv region is the insufficient level that makes it impossible to use the available forage in feeding sheep without further introduction of corrective diet supplements and premixes. The lowest content in the feed was Copper, discovered that in the rough and succulent feed was at an availability of 21.1% from the norm, and in grain feed grain – 6.5% of normal. The highest level of availability of feed was Zinc, observed that in the rough and succulent feed average content 61.8% of normal and the grain was at 76.4%. Further findings will be used to correct diets and explore new trace element supplements for lambs for fattening in the summer.


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