Comparative evaluation of effectiveness of preparations «Saroflox» and enrofloxacin towards to the pathogens of poultry’s bacterial diseases

  • T.I. Fotina
  • Ye.V. Vashchyk
Keywords: bactericidal activity, «Saroflox», enrofloxacin, bacteriosis of birds, antibiotic resistance, salmonelosis, colibacteriosis


A serious problem of modern industrial poultry farming is a bacterial infection of birds. The fight against bacterial pathology includes a complex veterinary and sanitary measures, including an important element is the use of chemotherapeutic agents. The development of resistance in microorganisms is the main factor limiting the effectiveness of antibiotics and stimulating the elaboration of new preparations or compounds. In this regard, the aim of the work was to make a comparative evaluation of the experimental preparation «Saroflox» and enrofloxacin towards to the bacterial flora, which is most often isolated from poultry and pathological material of poultry farms in Ukraine. The sensitivity of the bacterial cultures to «Saroflox» and enrofloxacin was determined by serial dilutions method in liquid nutrient medium – meat – peptone broth. In experiments have used bacterial cultures that have been isolated in poultry farms in Ukraine: S. aureus, S. fecalis, S. pullorum, S. typhimurium, S. enteritidis, E. coli O78, E. coli O2, P. vulgaris, P. aeruginosa, K. pneumoniae, C. perfringens, Y. enterocolitica, C. jejuni, C. diversus, E. agglomerans. Preparations Sarofloks and enrofloxacin are antibiotic fluoroquinolones group. As a result, it is established that the preparation «Saroflox» is effective against the main pathogens of bacteriosis of the bird. The bactericidal activity of the «Saroflox» is 2–4 times higher than that of еnrofloxacin. For most bacterial cultures, the minimum inhibitory concentration of «Saroflox» is 0.49 mg/cm3. Thus, the results of our research indicate that the preparation «Sarofloks» may be the subject of choice for the bird associated infections because of higher activity compared to the control drug of enrofloxacin for example. The obtained results determine the prospects for further research: the study of the activity of the «Saroflox» in comparison with classical drugs in poultry farming in Ukraine.


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