Monitoring of safety and quality products slaughter of pigs obtained in Odessa region

  • M.S. Khimich
  • A.M. Gorobei
  • F.V. Kozulin
  • V.V. Zhekov
Keywords: safety, quality, veterinary and sanitary examination, monitoring, pigs, slaughter products, echinococcosis, Odessa region


In accordance with the modern requirements of the international control system (HACCP), it is necessary to abandon the control of the final product for the purpose of identifying shortcomings, but to proceed to the preventive approach of eliminating potential sources of danger at all stages of production. A step-by-step system for controlling the quality of livestock products, in particular meat, in the absence of modern technology of primary processing and quality veterinary and sanitary control, is complex. Therefore, to ensure the safety and quality of meat, it is necessary to improve and scientifically justify the methods of their control, bringing it closer to international requirements. The purpose of our research was to monitor the safety and quality of slaughter products for pigs obtained in the conditions of the Odessa region. The material of the research was reporting on veterinary medicine (Form No. 6-vet., Form No. 5- vet., Form No. 2a-vet.) In the districts of the Odessa region for 2014–2016, which was processed statistically. The analysis has established that for 2014–2016. In the investigated areas, only 28846 pigs were slaughtered, and 74.48% of the slaughter took place. It was found that according to the results of the pre-blast inspection and post-mortem veterinary examination of pig carcasses, 83 cases of diseases, echinococcosis, were detected during the reporting period. For the reporting years, 17103 carcasses of pigs were supplied to the agro-food markets of the study areas. Employees of laboratories for veterinary and sanitary examination in the markets conducted 65417 laboratory studies: all carcasses of pigs were examined organoleptically (including cooking breakdown), trichinoscopy and studies for phychosis and other parasitic diseases were performed; The determination of physicochemical parameters and bacterioscopy of mascara were carried out in individual cases; radiological and other studies were not conducted. During the veterinary and sanitary examination, 662 cases of diseases were detected in the laboratories of veterinary and sanitary examination in the markets: 65 cases of non-communicable diseases and 597 cases of invasive diseases. And draws attention to the fact that 99.83% of the identified invasive diseases was echinococcosis. Comparative analysis of the results on the detection of cases of echinococcosis, depending on the location of Veterinary control, found significant discrepancies– after post-mortem veterinary and sanitary control, only 7.26–26.27% of cases are detected, in comparison with the results of veterinary and sanitary examination of slaughter products in laboratories for veterinary and sanitary examination In the markets. This imbalance, in our opinion, can be related to homestead slaughter and poor quality post-mortem Veterinary control during it. Summarizing the obtained results of the analysis, we can conclude that the management system for the safety and quality of slaughter products in pigs in the regions of the Odessa region at the present stage still relies on the analysis of the final product, not taking into account the preventive approach.


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