Reproductive capability of cows depending on lactation duration

  • Y.S. Masalovych National University of life and environmental sciences of Ukraine
  • V.I. Liubetskyi National University of life and environmental sciences of Ukraine
Keywords: cows, reproduction, impregnation capacity, insemination index, service period, lactation, interlactation period, calving, productive


The dependence of the criteria of the reproductive ability of cows on the duration of lactation was studied. The duration of the lactation period (300–450 days) for highly productive cows is optimal for: the service period, the insemination index, the interval interval and the exit of the calves. On average, on farms, the average duration of the service period did not differ significantly between them and did not depend on the system of cows' content and amounted to 302 ± 60.9 and 307 ± 61.3 days, respectively. A similar tendency can be naturally traced in the parameters of the inter-interval interval. The increase in lactation time of cows negatively affects the indicators of their reproductive capacity and economic data. The total costs for one animal from additional changes and shortages of calves were the highest in the third research groups and amounted to 1458 and 1946 UAH. according. It is established that the duration of the lactation period affects the reproductive performance of cows


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