Complex of the symptoms of acute and subacute pasteurellosis and ascaridosis association of different types of poultry

  • V.M. Plys State Institute of crops National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine
Keywords: symptoms, association pasteurellosis and ascaridosis, poultry, pasteurellosis (cholera), ascariasis, bacteria, worms


Results of clinical display in poultry, the mixed pasteurellosis and ascaridosis, for 2014–2015 years. Clinical symptoms depend on the physiological state of the birds, feeding and the conditions, the virulence of the pathogen pasteurellosi, the cycle of the ascarides, the intensity of lesions ascarides, temperature and humidity of the external environment, sources and pathways of disease pathogens into the body of the bird. Usually acute form mixed of the disease ran without apparent clinical signs. Externally clinically healthy birds suddenly falls and dies, but some of the bird have noted clinical manifestation. Found that the birds by acute course mixed of disease were following clinical features: chicken – feathers ruffled, depression, fever, cyanosis of the crest and earrings, and before the death of noted a convulsive phenomena; waterfowl – depression, poor motility, fever, sometimes convulsions; in young birds – slow reaction to external stimuli, depression, convulsive muscle contractions; pigeons – ruffled feathers, refusal of reception food and water fever; parrots – depression, slow response to external stimuli, laxatives phenomena, litter gray with lots of transparent mucus and red speckled inclusions. Common signs of poultry on an acute disease were: young – poor motility, depression, anorexia, rhinitis, feathers ruffled, thirst, fever, anemia, are omitted wings, profuse diarrhea, shortness of breath, conjunctivitis, swelling of the joints; an adult bird - with beak and nostrils stands out sero-mucous fluid, ruffled feathers, diarrhea, dehydration of an organism, shortness of breath, appetite is not, visible mucous membranes pale, thickened joints, hot, limping. Over the course of subacute forms of the mixed pasteurellosis and ascaridosis, clinical symptoms were the same as in the acute form, but they less pronounced as the disease ran for several days or even weeks. The bird noted profuse diarrhea, shortness of breath, cyanosis earrings and combs, depression. Ascaridia galli in with Pasteurella multocida complicates the development and progress disease.


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