Indicators of cellular metabolism in horse's serum of blood for latent flowing of leptospyrosis and rinnopnevmonia

  • O. Halatiuk
  • R. Kalnaus
  • M. Rublenko
  • O. Yeroshenko
Keywords: horses, leptospirosis, rinopneumonia, blood coagulation, nitric oxide, content of haptoglobin, ceruloplasmin, albumin, fibrinogen, soluble fibrin


The article presents the results of research on the parameters of cellular metabolism in 141 horses. Studies were conducted in one of the unsuccessful with leptospirosis equine farm. The kits of the company «Reagent» (Dnipropetrovsk) in blood serum determined the content of such acute phase proteins as ceruloplasmin by the method of Ravin, haptoglobin by reaction with rivanolol, total protein by biuretovoy reaction, albumin by reaction with bromocresol green by methods K.M. Veremeenko et al. (1988). The concentration of nitrites was determined by the interaction of plasma nitrides with the Grice reagent, and the colored complex was colorimetricized using a spectrophotometer at a wavelength of 540 nm using the method of Grand F. et. al. (2001) in the modification of Golikov P.P. (2004). The production and recording of PMA and lysis was carried out in accordance with the «Manual on Laboratory Diagnosis of Leptospirosis» (1997). The reaction of the RDP for the diagnosis of rhinopneumonia of horses was carried out in accordance with the methodological recommendations (2009). The first group (control) was represented by 49 clinically healthy serologically negative in the reaction of microagglutination (PMA) and diffusion precipitation (RDP) reactions with respect to leptospirosis and rhinopneumonia. The second group with latent course of leptospirosis included 51 horses. The third group with latent course of leptospirosis and rhinopneumonia included 41 horses. As a result of our research, we established a significant increase (P < 0.05–0.01) of nitric oxide to 65.73 ± 4.43 and 55.86 ± 2.71 μmol/l in 2–3 groups in comparison with healthy. There is also a significant increase in ceruloplasmin (P < 0.01–0.001) to 216.35 ± 11.43, 243.15 ± 19.34 mg/l in 2–3 groups in comparison with a healthy one. The content of hapthoglobin, on the contrary, decreases to 0.61 ± 0.03 and 0.52 ± 0.04 * g / l in 2–3 groups compared with healthy. Albumin content did not differ significantly in the studied groups. At the same time, a significant reduction of fibrinogen (P < 0.01–0.001) was established to 1.23 ± 0.09 and 1.22 ± 0.08 g/l in 2–3 groups in comparison with healthy ones. The content of soluble fibrin (P < 0.001) to 16.05 ± 0.31 and 21.22 ± 0.71 mg/% in 2–3 groups in comparison with healthy is significantly increased. In a coherent latent course of leptospirosis and rhinopneumonia in horses as markers for assessing the state of immunobiological reactivity of an organism it is advisable to determine the content of nitric oxide, ceruloplasmin, soluble fibrin, fibrinogen and haptoglobin in blood serum. The results obtained are analyzed for the expediency of conducting a course of intensive care for especially valuable horses.



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