Pathomorphological changes at transmisive the gastroenteritis of pigs

  • S.E. Garkusha
  • J.V. Konovalov
Keywords: postmortem autopsy, histological examination, the stomach, intestines, inflammation, cell, nucleus, pigs, microscope, formalin


Transmisive gastroenteritis of pigs is currently registered in all countries of the world with intensive management of pig production, there are practically no large pig farms in which there is no transmissible gastroenteritis of pigs. Also the disease is widespread in pig farms of Ukraine. Transmissible gastroenteritis sick piglets in the first week after birth. During the initial appearance of the disease in a short time can be spread among pigs of all age groups with almost 100% death in 1 – to 10-day piglets and 4% among weaned piglets. In the literature adequately describes the etiology, pathogenesis, clinical picture and treatment of the disease, but pathological changes described not fully. The purpose of our research was to study the pathological morphology changes in transmissible gastroenteritis of pigs. To achieve this goal were the following objectives: to conduct a postmortem of sick pigs to transmissible gastroenteritis, to study macroscopic and microscopic changes in internal organs of pigs in this disease and to describe changes in the internal organs that were not previously documented. Work completed during 2016–2017 years on the basis of one of the private pig farms of industrial type Kyiv region and of the Department of pathological anatomy, National University of life and environmental Sciences of Ukraine, which was delivered to autopsy the dead animals. Postmortem 12 corpses of piglets that died from transmissible gastroenteritis conducted in the dorsal position by the method of partial evisceration, microscopic studies were performed according to standard techniques. When conducting pathological studies of pigs died from transmissible gastroenteritis we had installed the following changes: the mucous membrane of the stomach in a state of catarrhal inflammation, with hemorrhages and erosions; the mucous membrane of the small intestine has the symptoms of a catarrhal-hemorrhagic inflammation. Blind the colon and the intestines are found the superficial necrosis in the form of a scaly plaque. Microscopic studies found atrophy of the villi of the jejunum and the iliac colon. The pyknosis and lysis of nuclei, necrosis of individual epithelial cells. The destruction of the villi up to a section of the crypts. Smooth muscle cells of the muscle membrane was in a state of granular dystrophy.


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