Microscopic structure and morphometric parameters of thoratic and lumbar parts of the spinal cord of a domestic dog

  • L.P. Horalskyi
  • I.M. Sokulskyi
  • N.L. Kolesnik
  • N.V. Demus
Keywords: mature dog, spinal cord, gray matter of the spinal cord, white matter of the spinal cord, histological structure, morphological research, neurons, neurocytes, nucleus, nucleolus, nuclear-cytoplasmic ratio


The article describes the features of the macroscopic and microscopic structure of the spinal cord of the chest and lumbar parts of a mature dog for the use of morphological, neurohistological, morphometric and statistical methods of research. According to the results of histomorphology, the area and shape of the transverse section of the spinal cord is determined, the latter in the thoracic region has a round shape, in the lumbar – oval. Gray substance of the spinal cord in the form of a butterfly on a transverse section is formed by ventral, dorsal and lateral horns, in which are centers of the sympathetic nervous system. According to our research, in the gray matter of the spinal cord of a domestic dog, the core of the dorsal horn, the Clark core, the lateral and medial intermediate nuclei, the lateral and medial ventral nuclei are clearly differentiated.

According to histometry of the spinal cord of the mature dog, conducted by us, the largest cross-sectional area is characteristic of the lumbar spinal cord (23.32 ± 0.44 mm²), is slightly lower in the breast (21.31 ± 0.34 mm2). In this case, the ratio of gray cerebrospinal fluid to white in the lumbar part is 1: 3.32, which is 2 times less in comparison with the such indicator of the thoratic part.

The cytopupulation of the nerve cells is represented by large, medium and small neurocytes, which, in its turn, depend on their placement in certain areas of the gray matter of the spinal cord: the most small neurons are found in the lumbar part of the cord (22.58%), the least are in the thoracic (19.88%), medium neurons are the highest in the thoracic part (44.11%), the least are in the lumbar (24.37%), the largest cells are in the lumbar part (44.11%), the least are in the thoracic (36.01%).

Our cytomorphometric studies indicate that the nerve cells of the gray matter of the spinal cord of mature dogs have a different volume of pericarions and their nuclei and, accordingly, a different nuclear-cytoplasmic ratio (NCR), which is an indicator of the functional activity of nerve cells. The largest average volume of pericarios of nerve cells is found in the lumbar part (17723.26 ± 816.72 mcm³), the smallest are in the chest (12913.53 ± 915.41 mcm³). The largest nuclear-cytoplasmic ratio was found in the thoracic part of the cord (0.120 ± 0.005), less are in the lumbar (0.110 ± 0.004).



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